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Talala - A Rogers county highway is open again after a nearly half-day effort to clean up a semi accident.

Troopers opened Highway 169 near Talala to north and southbound traffic Saturday afternoon just before 2:00pm.

Less than 12 hours earlier, OHP and first responders were called to the scene of the accident.

Rogers County emergency director Bob Anderson said skid marks show the trucker veered off the road while traveling southbound. He hit a culvert and over corrected, sending the truck into a long slide on its side after it tipped over.

The truck was fully loaded, hauling everything from pillows to plumbing fixtures. Almost 14,000 gallons of epoxy was stacked in 1-gallon containers on pallets. The truck's top split open, spilling the contents into the ditch.

Anderson estimates that less than 20 cans ended up leaking in the grass and ditch near the road.

The amount of chemical spilled was not a health hazard to people or even nearby livestock.

ODOT predicts that Hwy. 169 between State Highway 60 in the north to State Highway 20 in the south will stay closed until noon.

In the mean time, traffic is being routed onto Highways 60, 75 and 20.

OHP Troopers continue to investigate the accident's cause. No word on the driver's condition.