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While serious trucking accidents can occur anywhere in the state of Georgia, the Atlanta area experiences a large number of truck accidents because of highly traveled highways such as Interstate 85, Interstate 75, Interstate 20, Interstate 16 and the I-285 Beltway. These accidents often result in serious personal injury or death. We have handled many of these cases, and have developed a method to quickly respond for the protection of our clients.

We immediately take steps to secure evidence in truck accident cases, because we know that the trucking companies and their insurance companies are there to defend the truck driver and deny harmed families and individuals their rights. We employ accident reconstructionists and other experts immediately to assist us in building our client’s case. It is important to quickly subpoena the available evidence before it is “lost” by the trucking or insurance company, so we are always vigilant about requesting and obtaining the necessary information and evidence before it suddenly disappears. In most cases, we file the lawsuit within a few days of being hired because of the all too common practices employed by trucking and insurance companies to limit their financial obligations for losses they cause in truck accidents and wrecks. We strongly suggest that if you or your family has been harmed by a trucking accident, that you hire quality legal counsel immediately. Based on our experience, we can assure you that the trucking and insurance company will have their lawyers and investigators on the case for their protection the same day of the wreck.

Trucking accidents continue to take a huge toll on Americans – in human lives, financial costs, physical injuries, and emotional devastation. As trucks of all sizes command the roads, driving has become an intimidating struggle. The trucking industry is now the nation’s leading transporter of cargo and other goods and recreational trucks have exploded in the market over the last five years. Consequently, our roads and highways are becoming more and more dangerous.

New laws and higher standards have been enacted to fight this growing problem, including mandating fewer hours on the road at a time for truckers and more frequent and effective safety inspections. Although both government officials and trucking companies have acted to lower the rate of trucking accidents, they are still all too common and the injuries sustained can be severe.

If you or someone that you know has been involved in a trucking accident we can help. You could be entitled to financial compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and loss of quality of life. You should immediately contact a knowledgeable truck accident attorney who will guide you through the complex legal system to ensure that you get the help you need. Don’t let your opportunity for justice elapse.

Important Facts

There were 664 truck drivers killed in accidents last year and one out of every nine traffic fatalities involves a small or large truck. Close to 5,000 trucks are implicated in lethal accidents every year and nearly 400 pedestrians and 70 bicyclists are killed each year by accidents involving trucks. There are a number of reasons for this danger, such as:

  • Unrealistic schedules and deadline for truckers
  • Driver exhaustion from long periods of driving
  • The driver not paying enough attention to the roads
  • Difficulty in seeing blind spots from a truck
  • Mechanical problems with the truck or conditions on the roads

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